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3 definitions by JackassNSlacker

A perverse sexual act in which an extremely obese female defecates on the chest of her male partner and then proceeds to wallow in the aforementioned defecation.
Dude 1: How come that guy is in the corner shaking?

Dude 2: Last night, some fat bitch gave him the Swedish steamroller.
by JackassNSlacker April 06, 2009
11 2
A place where anything that can go wrong will go wrong and frequently does so, leaving its population feeling useless and aggravated to extremes few knew were possible.
Wife: hey honey,how was work
husband: oh you mean clusterfuckatopolis? it was abso-fucking-lutely fan-fucking-tastic
by JackassNSlacker April 26, 2009
11 3
A state of extreme alcholic intoxication.
I'm going to the bar later, and I'm gonna get fucking trammed.
by JackassNSlacker April 07, 2009
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