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small piece of faeces, commonly found after eating copious amounts of 2 min noodles.
My God Qorky, why did you not flush that loglet down the toilet?
by jackass July 15, 2003
the art of shoving an egg (hard boiled or soft or raw) into ones anus any other orifice (vagina/mouth) to arouse sexual pleasure
I like to wake up every morning with a nice fresh eggjob.

my boyufrend eggjobbed me and now i have salmonella because it was raw.
by jackass April 17, 2004
Cock , Penis , Weiner
His aesic is huge .
by Jackass December 06, 2003
21:52:02 Kryptic> Kryptic>>>>One who slaps himself stupid. <- he even said so himself
* Kryptic slaps himself stupid for not getting his name right.
by Jackass October 14, 2004
place were durty people live, like someone named Ogre.
hegewisch has a bunch of ogres that live there, and is nowhere close to being as good as the EAST SIDE.
by jackass April 22, 2005
Giving oral to someone, and the person thinks you swallowed it, but you spit it in there mouth, pretending to kiss them.
*thought to self* Im gunna spit his cum back in his mouth for donkey punching me.
by Jackass June 02, 2003
A shrivelled penis resulting from a person spending all the summer sunbaking in the nude
(it can also be an insult)
my surfer boyfrend is such a shrimp

that 50-year-old man just ditched his speedos. argh, he's gonna get a shrimp.
by jackass April 17, 2004

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