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Meaning the same thing as bull shit, bush shit is a hybrid of President George W. Bush’s name and shit, which is what he is full of. "Bush shit" is not only used to refer to political matters but can be used in any situation that "bull shit" is used.
Aint that some Bush shit.

Man, you full of Bush shit.

The president is speaking again, that guy is full of Bush shit.
by JackD March 15, 2005
Hank Hill's back-woods talking neighbor and one of his best friends, from the show, King of the Hill. From what I have pieced together. His full name is Jeff Boomhower, he is an electrical engineer, has a deceased father but mother is still alive. He has a brother name Patch. He has never been married but came close with at lest one girl. He is a ladies man and has a '76 Dodge. He was a quarter-back on his high school's varsity football team and, according to the odometer on Hank Hill's F-150, lives exactly 1/10th of a mile from Hank's house.
"Explosion, dang ol' Mega Low Mart"

"Looks like you could use a shoe in a dang ol' size boom."
by JackD May 25, 2005
A place for democrats and liberals with closed minds. It has 70,000 members, yet they all sound the same. The basic message is "fuck bush, fuck republicans, fuck Howard Dean, fuck anyone with a differing opinion, oh god, the world is going to end."

A place for people who preach dissent, preach diversity, preach tolerance yet will cruch you in a heart beat if you say anything that don't agree with.

Also a place for people who like to bitch endlessly but don't like to lift a finger to fix any problems.
It doesn't matter how much I hate George W. Bush because I also hate John Kerry, so I am not welcome at the Democratic Underground.

If you are a true liberal, you should probably steer clear of the Democratic Underground.
by JackD April 16, 2005
Neo-Christianity is made up of the people on the religious right, who preach love yet support wars, who preach tolerance yet hate gay people, who preach peace yet rage against people who disagree with them. Basically people who say they follow the teachings of Jesus but actually follow the teachings of George W. Bush.
Neo-Christianity is made up of some of the biggest hypocrites in the world.

Neo-Christianity is a hybrid of a Neo-con and Christian.
by JackD March 20, 2005
from Latin obtusus, blunt, dull, from past participle of obtundere
dumb fuck not worth smaking!
by Jackd September 19, 2004
An orgasm-like emotion resulting from the use or thought of exceptionally cool technology.
See technology orgasm
Once I got that 720p projector running, I had the biggest technorgasm...it was amazing.

I can't wait for FreeBSD 5-stable to be realeased...I'm going to have a technorgasm just thinking about it.
by jackd November 09, 2004

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