5 definitions by Jack Meoffe

A rather ornrey nigga, often fat with big nose holes.
"My god Honey, I think I have spotted a yard-ape. He looks rabbid." said the old brittish wanker.
by Jack Meoffe November 24, 2008
1.) n. A faggot, who worships dick.(cock cultist)
2.)n. THE whole group of cocmsucking faggots.
"Ah, man there goes little Jimmy and Noah running off to there little cock cult meeting, at the circle jerk."
by Jack Meoffe November 24, 2008
A whore or gay guy who has been "filled" so much they have become clogged, in the throat or they have ass clogged.
"Haha look at the ass pirate work like he has a cum clog, his boyfriend really topped him off."
by Jack Meoffe November 24, 2008
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