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The point at which a girl that used to be hot, is no longer hot. This is typically due to advancing age.
Heather Locklear has finally hit the wall. She must be over 40 now.
by Jack Goff May 30, 2006
Someone that swallows sperm. Can be male or female.
I think that my boss is a wad gobbler. He keeps looking at my package.
by Jack Goff September 09, 2006
Another term for male masturbation.
I came home early and caught Phil clubbing the chimp while watching a porno.
by Jack Goff September 23, 2006
The condition of having your pee split into two or three directions as a result of having sperm sticking the end of your penis partially shut. Usually happens when you wake up in the morning after having sex
I woke up after banging that pooh butt last night and when I went to piss I had split pee soup everywhere.
by Jack Goff October 07, 2007
When you tried to fart but accidentally shit your pants.
Dude, I just tried to fart but drilled mud instead.
by Jack Goff October 08, 2006
Happens when having anal sex without a rubber. Some feces gets stuck under the head (or cone) of your penis.
The stripper I took home last night wouldn't let me screw her pussy because she was on her period so I did her in her ass without a condom. I woke up this morning with a muddy cone.
by Jack Goff November 03, 2007
An old couch or mattress left in an alley or vacant lot. These things attract bums like flies. The cops know that they can usually find bums there arrest them for warrants, vagrancy etc
Todd: Can you help me move my old couch into the alley for the trash truck to pick it up?

Charlie: You don't want to lay out bum bait do you? You'll have some hobo or junkie sleeping on it by the morning.
by Jack Goff May 19, 2007

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