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Money, pound , dollar - also directly relates to clinkting meaning expensive or a lot of money.
'this weed was 50 clinks'
'nigga, dat is bare clinkting'
by Jack Da Rippa May 13, 2005
a friendly term referring either to ablack man or to a anyone you consider a friend.
This word was first made popular in the ghetto of Enfield, North London but quickly spread round london UK and the suburbs. Most noticably St.Albans where it is common lingo.
'yo safe negroid.

'wagwarn negroid.'
by Jack Da Rippa May 13, 2005
unhygienic is a word used to describe something being cool or very good.. usually used to describe an 'ill' tune. Relates directly to the complimentry words 'disgusting' and 'messy'
Clarke: i love this new grime riddim
Matt: yeeeeeeaaaah boi, dis tune is unhygienic blud!
Clarke: fo' shizzle dizzle
by Jack Da Rippa January 31, 2006
piss, urinate, this is rhyming slang. k swiss is a popular urban shoe brand but is commonly used as a politer way of saying 'piss' or just to sound 'safe'. It can also just be shortened to k which means the same.
'oh shizzle nizzle i deperate for a k swiss'

'yo negroid im just rollzing to go for a k
by Jack Da Rippa May 13, 2005
Refers to a woman having a vagina which is more hairy than average.
G Dub derrives from George W Bush , bush being another name for hairy vagina.
Adrian - she is sum g dub having ass motherfucker , i had to crack out the sheers before i tapped that hoe.
by Jack Da Rippa May 14, 2008
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