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Any black person who likes rap music (especially gangsta rap) and/or is part of the black gang youth culture.
It's a pun that utilizes the fact that shizzle can mean "shit" as well as "sure". So while to some "shizzle nizzle" describes somebody who says "for shizzle my nizzle", it actually means "that fuckin idiot of a shit nigger".
Erwin is a fuckin shizzle nizzle.
by bumarse October 25, 2009
A variation of the the Shiznit, to mean something is the goddam best of the best, when shiznit just wont do.
Mik: I met this great girl, she is the shiznit, no wait, she is the ultimate shizzle with the nizzle!
by Lucy-doots October 16, 2003
fuck or shit
"ohh shizzle nizzle, i did it again!"
by Anonymous April 11, 2003

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