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388 definitions by JaY

Puff Puff Pass
by Jay August 11, 2003
186 101
Native Taiwanese Word. Literally means "penis". Slang to mean "Cool"/"Hip"
He's so DIAO
That dance was diao yo
by JAY August 26, 2004
127 43
the hordest and craziest nukka alive! he be smoking that bomb chron-dizzle!
Can't get drunk. Can't get blunted. LA County, 95 hundred.
Crips wanna take my All-stars. Bloods wanna eat my Snicker bars.
Them peckerwoods don't want none, but the Mexican's straight own one.
Them Essays, (???) that Essays always try to test me,
So I jumped off the bed, cause I ain't no punk. Jammed his head up against the bunk.
Socked that Cholo in his chin. Black mutha-fuckas scared to jump in.
Sheriff broke it up when we hit the floor. I kept talkin' shit cause I want some more.
Back in town, we get along with the brown. Now I'm in jail, they tryin' to beat me down.
Jail is hell, but I'll adapt. Won't hesitate to get in a scrap.
'Cause I'm down for mine, and that's for certain, sittin' in the hole with my knuckles hurtin'.
by jay November 25, 2004
116 36
a girl that sucks so much dick that her head is refered as a bobblehead
that girl was on me wit a bobblehead!
by Jay January 08, 2004
127 48
Smoothest Kentucky bourbon known to man. If Jesus enjoyed a nice sip of bourbon after work, this is what he would drink.

Easily recognized by the distinctive red wax seal and very smooth 90 proof flavor.
Go buy yourself some, cheap-ass.
by Jay May 07, 2005
90 13
my goddess. the sexiest woman on the planet.

Gabrielle was born on October 29, 1973 in Omaha, Nebraska. However, at the age of 8, her family moved to Pleasanton, CA, where she grew up and attended high school. In high school, Union was an all-star point guard and a year round athlete participating in soccer, basketball, and track. After high school Gabrielle attended college at University of Nebraska, where she played on the soccer team; and then later transferred to Cuesta College. Eventually she ended up at UCLA. On her way to law school, just planning on being a working stiff, things started to happen during her senior year. Gabrielle had a college internship at a L.A. modeling agency, she thought it would be an easy way to pick up some extra credits. Little did she know that clients were eyeing the help. Upon the completion of the internship, she was asked to become a client with the agency. Gabby thought of it as a great way to pay off a stack of college loans, and modeled until her agent found that she could actually act. Her first audition/job was landed with out any headshots, on Saved by the Bell. Since then she has went on to have many small but substantial film roles and has guest starred on several hit TV shows, all before landing the role of Dr. Courtney Ellis, on CBS' short lived medical drama City of Angels. Although she plays parts that are opinionated and strong, Gabrielle believes that, "Hollywood needs to recognize all shades of African American beauty." Gabrielle is a graduate of UCLA with honors, in sociology, and is married to Chris Howard.
Gabrielle Union was in the movie Bad Boys II
by jay October 27, 2004
99 22
To be very obvious when doing something illegal or something not done everyday.
"Shit meng,this guy was so HEATY last night,he was just asking for one time."

"Dont slang that dope around 41st and terminal street.Lots of pigs.Too heaty."
by jay January 14, 2004
101 26