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1)Goddess of all that is sexy

2)To have no rival in the causing of erections.
"Lady_Dreama is such a Crys."

"|}r34m4 makes me quiver, she's so Crys I can't think straight."
by JaMeZ May 18, 2003
1. pigfae? thats a fun typo. (Reference to Pigface.)
I saw a similar show in Tampa with Pigfae (yay!)
by Jamez April 15, 2005
An extreme crackhead, one who is given to uttering "here I am, all fucked up on crack, and I can't find one gat damn person who will listen to me for two seconds" repetitvely.
"Justin needs to stop being a fucking shinkaren, all that meth is gonna kill him."
by JaMeZ May 18, 2003

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