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1. What one looks like when they are totally fucking stoned out of their mind.

2. A late 80's/early 90's Industrial group.
Man, you are fucking PIGFACED!
by Jefro The Nig Controller January 25, 2005
23 13
When a human being has an upturned nose with nostrils that are larger than their eyes.
She has a pig face.
by Mikeyboy23 December 03, 2011
4 4
The act of swiping one's palm down the length of another's face forehead to chin. Intended to stop a person from talking shit or to display a total lack of respect for said person.
Joe was talking shit so i pig faced him to shut him up.
by Chikitty November 13, 2013
0 3
a name for a girl that has a pig looking face.
person1:Do you know who Pig Face is?
person2:OHHH thats a pig face?
person1:YAH! her.
by The awsome Group February 19, 2009
10 18