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2 definitions by JaLiv6

The sexual act of placing a dead rodent in a condom, freezing for 3 hours, and inserting into the rectum (Usually male). Most often used in fraternities and other college parties. Very similar to the Alaskan Pipeline.
Larry: Mike, do you have any dead hamsters laying around?

Mike: Of course, my friend, why?

Larry: Do you want a 'Guilty Hamster?'

Mike: Certainly!
by JaLiv6 December 31, 2010
44 20
Short for Dick Move, Bro. Used whenever someone does something rude, or unnecessary to their friend.
John: Hey Ted, you know the girl you want to bang?
Ted: Yeah?
John: I F***ed her last night!
Ted: DMB
by JaLiv6 July 21, 2010
20 16