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Good Hair Day...there is also a FANTASTIC hair sraightner called the "Ghd" that always helps me have a good hair day!
Girl 1:"Oh my god how can that girl have a Ghd everyday!"

Girl 2:"Oh she uses the Ghd hair straightner"
by JaL February 27, 2005
A small French canadian city in the Quebec area. Usualy refered to as 'L-A' or 'L.A Beach'. Coolest place to grow up, party, trash and have sex. l'Ancienne-Lorette is home of world famous TD drinking crew.
guy 1: where do you live?
guy 2: LA

l'ancienne-lorette got trashed yesterday.
#ancienne-lorette #la #l-a #a-l #beach #td
by jal June 17, 2006
Used in Ireland...a name a guy calls his girlfriend or just a girl.
Example 1:
Look at the legs on that ol' doll!

Example 2:
The ol' doll's nagging me to quit smoking...
by JaL January 05, 2005
A hack to a process/software designed to accomplish a tactical goal. It will ultimately lead to more problems and an even larger amount of effort to undo it than it would to implement correctly but with a medium/long term delivery date.
We don't have time to spend on a strategic solution so just do whatever you need to do and get it out tomorrow; we'll fix this hacktical solution whenever we have time.
#hack #tactical #solution #workaround #short-term
by JAL October 21, 2013
"Chalk It Down" is generally used by stoners in Ireland, it can mean various things, too many to even list but people use it as a substitute for "chill" or "ok" or "in your face"
Example 1:
Girlfriend: Are you messing around with Lisa???!!!
Boyfriend: Whoah Chalk it down! (chill)

Example 2:
Boy1:You coming to the party tonight?
Boy2:Ya, i'll be there @ 9, chalk it down! (ok)

Example 3:
Boy:I fucked your 'ol doll last night, ha chalk it down! (in your face)
by JaL December 30, 2004
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