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(noun) Horny Alzheimer (háwrnee áalts-hīmerz)
(After Alois Alzheimer (1864-1915), german neurologist)

"Horny Alzheimer" or "Horny Alzheimer’s Disease" (also H.A.D.) is a medical disorder causing dementia when sex is expected: a degenerative disorder that affects the brain and causes dementia (especially late in life or late at night), forgetting all those negative memories or moral impediments you have regarding some questionable partner you had, in order to: get laid, to scratch the old itch, to dance horizontal lambada, etc..
Example 1:
- Hey, Susan! are you really going out with Rick again? Wasn't he the one who cheated on you with your sister?
- I don't remember...
- Well, I do, he also stole your dvd player and still owes me 230 bucks.
- mmm... sorry, I don't follow...
- Yes, yes, he's the one, you even tattooed his name on your shoulder, slut.

- (making common facial gestures in a Horny Alzheimer's Desease patient) really?
- Oh my, I know exactly the name of the disease you have.

Example 2:
- So what do you think about that David Letterman and his assistant, huh?
- All I heard is that they were lovers, right?
- Yes. They say he wasn't married but engaged when he was fooling around with her.
- Drat! H.A.D. strikes again!

Example 3:
- Please, doctor, come quickly! I think my mom's Horny Alzheimer is getting worse...
- Why do you think so?
- Because she had sex with my uncle last week and now she's hooking up with my cousin.
- It doesn't seem that bad.
- And yesterday she was making out with grandma.
- Ok, where do you live?
- 77 Langford street, near Lemontree Park, in the state of...
- No need to tell me, you must be in Texas.
by JUEFELES September 26, 2010
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