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The hair which encompasses the rectum etc. A high quality anal beard will usually contain several different colours (4+) these colours, however, are naturally several shades of "natural" brown. The common anal beard will have 3-7 different scents. The unofficial record of multiple scent for a single anal beard is 22 held by Quincy (this measurment was recorded by kieran) Anal beards can be used as a fashion accessory (eg. braids, ribbons, Dye) public displays of your trendy anal beard usually result in arrest and numerous prison buggerings.
"Gosh, I can smell Quincy's anal beard from here"
"Wow, check the anal beard on that, too bad he's getting arrested"
"DAMN, i've still got some of that chick's anal beard stuck in my ODD and it smells real bad"
"on my adventures, I once saw an anal beard that was 4 meters long! ... it tasted funny...."
by JOSAFOOWIS August 31, 2005
A non rude word that is used instead of wank.
"Quincy came into school with wamblings all over himself."
"Kieran blamed the white wamble stains on his goats milk."
"Cuebert wambled till it bled."
"My record is 5!!"
by JOSAFOOWIS September 01, 2005
ODD stands for over done deformities. This is what happens to your penis when you pleasure yourself so much that your foreskin gets peeled back an alarming distance down your shaft. This makes you seem circumcised even if your not.
Therefore your penis will seem very deformed.
Cuthbert had an extreme case of ODD.
Due to Georges ODD the inside of his balls were almost visible. *shudder*
Craig was rejected by Mary when she saw his ODD.
by JOSAFOOWIS August 24, 2005
The less obvious word for sperm. The word was derived when cubert was texting quincys girlfriend on his mobile writing that quincy tried to spunk on him i believe his words were "help quincy just spundled on my foot". Using predictive text the word spundled came up instead of spunked. This word is very useful in odd situations,
Teacher: "What are those silly stains by your genitalia area"
You: "Sorry i accidently spundled".
It's probably the most used word in the english dictionary today.

"Yet again quincy turned up to school with spundlings in his hair".
"Bob ate some beetroot and his spundlings turned red when he wambled the next day".
"Yuck his spundlings tasted like cheese".
"Spundle smells funny".
"Spundle makes babies".

by JOSAFOOWIS September 28, 2005
pronounced {-steeg-}
The word used to describe a sticky up bit of hair usually on the crown of a persons head. Stupid people usually have huge stigs and dont know about it and dont bother to tame them. Derrived from some famous swedish person called "Stig Helmer" who had a permanent stig.
1. Did you see quincy's stig?! It was incredible!! he really should buy himself a comb.
2. Mate you dont wanna go out with a stig like that u'll get laughed at!
by JOSAFOOWIS August 15, 2005

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