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3 definitions by JOKRGUY2012

A game played where men sit in a circle while a woman goes around the circle fucking each man for 1-5 minutes then moving on to the next. The first guy to blow their load, loses. Hot vagina!
So I played hot vagina with the guys last night. Matt lost before I even got to him.
by JOKRGUY2012 October 21, 2010
When someone attempts and fails at performing a donkey punch, the reciever tightens their orifice in honor of the effort given by the donkey puncher.
Rob tried donkey punching me last night, but the dumbass hit my shoulder. I gave him a courtesy clench just to make the poor bastard feel better.
by JOKRGUY2012 October 09, 2010
The act of giving a nasty ass fugly woman a cream pie. Her vagina is so wide that a cactus would fit, which she would probably enjoy. Similar to a pearl necklace, but located in the vaginal region.
Last year PJ gave a nasty fat soroity girl a pearl cactus. I heard he's paying child support now.
by JOKRGUY2012 January 27, 2011