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To drug and rape young women
I think he bill cosby'd me last night!
by JGibbles December 03, 2014
Acronym for the saying "Suck on my balls"
Hey Damien....SOMB!
by JGibbles June 21, 2010
another word penis.
I hope this broad touches my peeshgadeel tonight
by JGibbles September 01, 2010
The overly fat guy in the room in a public place. Upon seeing said Dave, your friends will be made aware of the situation when you yell DAVE! loudly.
Dave! Dave!....Dave!
by JGibbles February 09, 2015
Acronym for Eat My Sweet Ass.
Ron told me to SOMB..the only appropriate response was to say EMSA!!
by JGibbles September 01, 2010
To be given a sleeping pill by someone who intends on having their way with you.
My ass is sore...I wonder if I got burked last night.
by JGibbles June 28, 2011
a man's penis
I told Casey to be careful while I took out my braj due to it's immensity
by JGibbles March 07, 2012
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