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occurs when a man hangs his cock-and-balls inches above his partner's face and lets them dangle.
Joey was about to give Nicole the old Roman Helmet when he decided it would be more fun to take his time and start with The Dutch Chandelier.
by JD-Beanzor August 07, 2011
a buttcrack filled with liquid shit; the result of trusting the wrong fart
Frank: "Chris, that fart sounded disgusting and wet. Did you just give yourself a Dutch Gravyboat?
Chris: "Yes. Yes I did."
by JD-Beanzor April 03, 2015
a woman, usually overweight and/or unattractive who is "on the prowl" for sex. She will typically take advantage of unsuspecting drunken men.
Ugh! I feel bad for Joey. He got drunk and went home with a total cheddarbeast last night. He's probably doing the coyote ugly right now.
by JD-Beanzor April 01, 2015
The act of shitting in one's pants whilst in a seated position and the feces therefore "pancakes out" across the butt cheeks
During the road trip, Claire made the mistake of having Taco Bell with a double espresso while driving. She ended up giving herself the 'ol Dutch Flapjacks.
by JD-Beanzor March 31, 2015

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