104 definitions by JD

slang. something totally over the top, showing off, posing, maybe even innapproriate
"thats a bit porno", "theres no need for that, its just porno"
by jd October 13, 2004
a BRoke ass man who cant get a job or has a low paying job and only make chump change
Damn that dude is making chump change
by jd February 19, 2005
what ferris is
ur a butt hole
by JD July 09, 2003
A BRAND THAT RICH NEEGA LIKE me wear cause we got money- 500 dollar pair of gucci shoes neega im ballin
damn check out my gucci shoes you cant afford em can ya
by jd February 22, 2005
just another fag at carolina
dude, iont wanna go to chapel hill, with choss and all those other fags
by jd September 08, 2004
the term star-crossed lovers is talking about the zodiac signs. The zodiac's are stars in the sky, and in Romeo and Juliets case there star signs paths were doomed to cross over. This also signified the end of there relationship.
Romeo and Juliet had a doomed relationship
by jd July 26, 2004
matt!! A hotty
by JD July 09, 2003

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