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Locky Leanord The Human Torpedo, one who was thrashed by the thrashinator and got his cock ripped open.
Guy with hole in cock: SHIT! I just got torpedo'd. *cries*
by JD February 01, 2005
1. to smoke cock
give me a jd bitch!
by jd March 22, 2003
When your getting head, you pull out and cum in the girls face. Then punch both her eyes.
I was in a bad mood lastnight, so i gave my girl a panda.
by JD March 04, 2005
Ugly rod shaped organ on a male. Hideous looking sexual organ, end looks like a mushroom. Also stinks like fish if not washed on a regular basis.
No women like to suck it - they just do to make the man happy, It really tastes like shit. a Hideous organ men should hide and should only beused in the dark for pleasure and not be shown.
Used for procreation, other than that worthless.
a mushroom'
a hideous looking sexual organ
tastes like a mixture of fish and salt
sometimes has sexual diseases
by jd February 19, 2005
By far the stupidest team of all professional sports. Led by the biggest pussy, Mats Sundin, who has more gaps in his teeth than a picket fence and uses Gary Roberts penis as a toothpick. Alexander Mogilny looks on in jealousy. Their idiotic fans have been waiting 38 years for a Stanley Cup now. Meanwhile, Ottawa is slowly gaining more and more fans. CBC also rides on the Leafs' cock by showing their games, even on the west coast where people hate Ontario with a passion. Darcy Tucker is a jailhouse bitch.
The Maple Leafs traded Russ Courtnall for John Kordic. What a great deal!

The Maple Leafs like to trade their young prospects for broken old men.
by jd January 05, 2005
also see foghat
only foghats use famas's
by JD July 21, 2003
1. Lover of my soul
2. My provider
3. The great I am
4. My redeemer
5. The beginning
6. The end
7. The Lamb of God
8. The Great I am
9. Son of Man
10. An individual who was born to a virgin; came to earth, sent by God, to live a PERFECT life and die for our sins so that all may enter heaven. He is perfect and without sin and wishes to make every person just like him. He has no memory of the sins of those who call on his name asking for forgiveness.
God loves everyone.
by JD April 03, 2003
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