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4 definitions by JCnerd

a JC mod (former admin) with no balls. after protesting that it was unfair to ask for his personal information, he gave in when he was threatned with demotion.
Darth Sapient grabbed his ankles for Philip Wise
by JCnerd March 23, 2004
A largely misunderstood former admin who, while he did make mistakes, was one of the better mods of the JC.
KnightWriter was a Comms mod.
by JCnerd March 23, 2004
The fifth largest messageboard on the internet, focused on Star Wars discussion.
I'm posting at the JC.
by JCnerd March 23, 2004
the best mod the JC ever had
PreacherBoy rox my sox
by JCnerd March 23, 2004