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Deepest pit in hell, a place where despair and agony dont just describe your energy bar, but describe your life. Joy is granted to seldom, but you come out a stronger human being.
All the shit
by jbus August 02, 2004
A movie seen by many horny adolescent boys who could just go rent swordfish or monsters ball and actually see her *gasp* boobs!
dude, any one who doesnt want to see Halle Berri run around in leather and very scantily clad, fighting a very hot Sharon Stone, IS GAY.
by jbus July 29, 2004
Latin origin. King of all classes, supposedly named after Rex Rice, physic magistrate.
"Damn, health is a Rex Class"
"I dont have many Rex classes today"
by Jbus June 23, 2004
A very large man who doesn't have any balls due to over usage of steroids.
Derek considers himself swole, but he's actually a very large chode!
by JBus February 27, 2014
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