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extrodinary delicious, astonishing exceptionally grandiose, superp under taking, most ambishious
Geo's singing is swite!
You are looking very swite today.
by JBZ December 06, 2004
highest level of swite
most awesome
most grandiose
That pizza is the switist pizza i have ever had.
Geo's and JBZ's jokes about Tony are the Switist.
The Switist people use the word swite.
by JBZ December 10, 2004
One who interrupts conversations, then immediately sees it's self out of said conversation.
Persona A "Hi." Person B "Hello." A Buttstadt "Blah blah, sorry, I'll see myself outta this conversation now..."
by Jbz May 07, 2012
Geo spelt backwards
my friend's name spelt backwards
A very swite guy
Geo is the switist person I know.
by JBZ December 10, 2004

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