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when a girl shaves down there and keeps it shaved.
she keeps her lawn mowed
by Jbob April 27, 2003
A sleepy, dull feeling, making you slow to move or think; evoking an image of being mentally water-logged
I slept 14 hours last night, so this morning I feel very groggy.
by JBob March 22, 2005
the coolest, best looking "Bob" of them all. jbob is the guy who earns respect, and talks trash. he is the unbeatable. he is the coolest. he is JBob
Whoa, that JBob is one cool guy!
by JBob February 02, 2004
fucking a chick in the ass
if there's no grass flip her over and play in the mud.
by Jbob April 27, 2003
v. to quit early; to stop before the finish line
n. someone who asks for handouts
sports- to derrick out in football to take a dive. in basketball- to cheer really really good. in golf- to use the foot wedge
what a derrick (look at that cheerleader)
Synonyms include democrat, leftwing bed-wetter
Afraid of men calling him sweetie in bright orange jumpsuits.
A derrick lifestyle is synonomous with the french. They quit early, surrender often, and have tendencies we cannot discuss.
by JBOB April 24, 2004
slapping(if you a guy)or being slapped (if you a girl) by a dick after giving or getting head.
bitch how bout a trouser snake beating!
by Jbob April 27, 2003
fucking a chick with hair down there
i played in the grass last night
by Jbob April 27, 2003
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