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domestice violence: the act of physical abuse towards your spouse.
Why is Jill all bruised up? Jack performed Ike & Tina on her.
by JAEDAGOD December 17, 2003
changing your personality when talking to or around a female and becoming a sweet ass dude.
We usually bug out, but when Chris' girl comes thru... He be acting real chauncy....
by JAEDAGOD December 30, 2003
cabron: a man who knows his spouse is fucking/whoring around and says or does nothing about it. same meaning for cabrona; except she knows her man is fucking around.
ultimate insult for hispanic male. like calling a female a bitch. even though they are.
Jorge's wife is out there fucking everyone and the cabron does nothing about it.
by jaedagod April 24, 2005

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