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A mythical, wonderful place, recently turned pink, where teenages from all over the North Fingal area converge to flake, drink or watch crusty movies.

Has been proven to fit upwards of 20 people, much like a tent in Harry Potter
Joe: What are we doing tonite
Josh: Meh, Flake in Pearce's Shed?
Joe: Drinking?
Josh: Obviously
by J0E90 December 01, 2010
A foolish or idiotic person who's actions are found to be humorous
Pearce: Ow I just bit my tongue
Georgia: Ha, you're such a Gubbidy
by J0E90 November 22, 2010
A semi-blind prehistoric bird. The butt of all other's jokes due to his frequent gubbidy-like actions and his association with certain people.
Joe: Lads where are you?
Ferg: We're right here you gomadactyl
by J0E90 December 01, 2010
A crusty Dinosaur-like creature. Known to have loose morals and a penchant for vodka. He possesses an amazing but sadly unseen kick
Joe: Ferg you're so scaldy, stop trying to meet everything
Ferg: Cawwwww!!!!!!!!
Joe: You absolute Crustasaurus
by J0E90 December 01, 2010

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