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2 definitions by J. David Bennett

When a bitch just won't stop naggin', complainin', and otherwise hatin' on a perfectly respectable young lad.
PPMSer: Get me a chicken sandwich, and a Dr. Pepper. And some waffle fries bitch.
Boyfriend: Yes dear.
Bf's Friend: Dude why do you always bend over and take it from her.
Bf: I don't know, but that bitch got some perpetual pms goin' on.
by J. David Bennett January 26, 2008
A combination of the marijuana and the tobacco plant, most commonly rolled in cigarette fashion.
Ashley: Yo' Mista P, you gots some cigaweed?
Mista' P: I don't smoke no cigaweed, nigga.
by J. David Bennett January 26, 2008