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Also known as WUSTL or WashU by its affectionate students. Basically, a scary top-ranked institution that's described by two adjectives: intense and balanced. Students here are the cream of the crop, the smart and the smartasses, the nerd kings, the future crazy scientists...except they won't show it. The school is set in the laid-back Midwest, so while the students are intense and brilliant, the environment is generally pretty supportive and not cutthroat. It's also a premed haven. Watch out in your science classes...

Washington University in St. Louis is also ranked fourth of all universities in terms of National Merit Scholars. Competition to get in is pretty difficult, though a lot of naysayers of the school think the school rigs its acceptance rate...the naysayers usually turn out to be WUSTL rejects. Just talk to anyone from Washington University in St. Louis like the recent Jeopardy College Championships winner and you'll be blown away both by their brains and their cool.
My nerdy neighbor: Oh man! I got accepted into Washington University in St. Louis!

Me: Did you celebrate by setting off fireworks?

My nerdy neighbor: No? Huh?

Me: There was an explosion coming from your house an hour ago bro...

MNN: Dude, that was the miniature nuclear reaction that I set up in my room...
by aimingforthegold February 18, 2010
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It's in St. Louis DANGIT!!!

Anyway, it is a rather prestigious university, yet no one really knows about it, especially on the West Coast. A vast majority of the students are from the East Coast and IL, ID, et cetera. It is a very fine university that is probably on the level right under Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and the like. Basically, it is most likely the "best" university in the Midwest.
Bob went to Washington University in St. Louis, which is among the most esteemed universities in the country. (Note: Author did not attend "Wash U")
by Doobie Smokes You April 23, 2005
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An amazing school. Great academics. Great people.
Washington University in St. Louis is one of the best colleges in the country.
by samloveswustl August 29, 2005
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A kick ass school where cool (smart)people go.
-Yo, you go to WUSTL?
-Damn! You smart ass.
by yeahh wash u May 04, 2005
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University in St. Louis, Missouri that claims to be on par with Harvard because the administration does everything in its power to boost its ranking in the US News and World Report. It has successfully fooled many people into believing that it offers a top-notch education. Everyone but employers and grad schools, that is.
So what you have to flip burgers at Burger King? You can impress everyone with your prestigious degree!
by ThatsBriskBaby April 05, 2005
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