17 definitions by J-Dizzle

totally cool and stuff
wow you are so cool, almost as cool as a votefreak
by j-dizzle April 06, 2003
Short for pothead. I think I saw it on the Simpsons, actually.
Dude, you're such a thead, your always out of cash.
by J-dizzle March 26, 2005
an extremely gruesome man
israel reyes looks like a natural cumba on an everyday basis
by J-Dizzle September 25, 2004
someone who plays around too much
Israel "playa" Reyes is a tricksta ass mark.
by J-Dizzle September 25, 2004
hitting someone in the head with the second knuckle of your fist when someone does something stupid.
Man my names jack not wack! Thats a Bongo!
by j-dizzle September 08, 2003
someone who is really good at basketball
israel reyes is the farthest away you can find find a real baller because he sucks ass at basketball.
by J-Dizzle September 25, 2004
Slang word for coccaine.
"I'm happy I'm feelin glad I got sunshine in a bag" - The Gorillaz
by J-Dizzle March 20, 2005

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