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When you fuck someone so fast you don't even have time to take your clothes off or put a condom on, so you just put your cock through your fly.
"Hey man you wanna know what I did yesterday?"
"I had a Sonic Fucking with a girl I don't even know, it only lasted 1 minute"
by J-BAILS13 April 06, 2010
To put toilet paper in the toilet bowl so no splash comes back while you're taking a shit.
Yesterday I took a huge shit but luckily enough I made the toilet Splash Proof.
by J-BAILS13 June 27, 2010
1. To masturbate in a strenuous way

2. A session of jerking off
I had such a good Jerk-Out yesterday, my girlfriend got naked on webcam & I produced a quart of semen.
by J-BAILS13 July 25, 2010
To smoke packs of cigarettes in a considerable amount of time.
Yo what did you do yesterday?
I was just Hackin' Packs.
Shit man I can only hack darts.
by J-BAILS13 June 21, 2010
All My Friends Are Girls.

I Am A Fag.

Reffering to the fact that gay people have girls as friends to cope for their male lovers.
AMFAG because I want guys to think I'm straight.
by J-BAILS13 June 24, 2010

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