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4 definitions by J and T

a really bad haircut in the 80s
any singer or rapper who had a gumby in the 80s floped
by J and T June 27, 2003
One who is both a sped (Special+Ed=Sped) and licks nuts. Both a term of hatred and endearment, usually used after a stupid/obvious comment is said or action is performed.
1-Jessica Alba is hot.
2-Hey, figure that one out all by yourself, spednutz?
by J and T January 21, 2006
when a fat hoe is being a ...hoe
shut th e fuck up slutso
by J and T June 27, 2003
a degree of hottness that is very very very hard to come buy
That fine chick counts as a Jenna Jameson
by J and T June 27, 2003