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7 definitions by J Pags

p3nz0r is another term for penis. Or another commonly used 1337 term for penis.
You can suck on my p3nz0r and love it beotch.
by J Pags January 15, 2007
16 7
A commonly used 1337 term for mcdonalds fastfood.
yo man lets hit up some smackydeez, I need a bigsmack.
by j pags March 23, 2009
3 0
A widely used term for a double cheeseburger.
Let me get some of those double bubbles, don't hate.
by j pags March 23, 2009
12 11
Forditus is un-explainable problems that occur in ford cars and trucks. They are problems that are attempted to be fixed and never go away after several attempts.
"God damnit, I replaced all my struts and springs and still can't get rid of this rattle. I think it caught forditus"
by j pags March 23, 2009
1 0
Poostang is a way to insult ford mustangs. A very commonly used term in the f-body community (camaro/trans am).

Also used by any driver after a race that just wrecked a mustang.
Hey dan, did you see that dumbass in that slow poostang "try" to race me?
by j pags March 23, 2009
2 2
A term to describe any 4 cylinder small car that can't get out of its own way.
Honda civic, toyota camery, ford focus, etc are all prime examples of puddle hoppers.

Did you see that asshole in his puddle hopper pull out in front of me?
by j pags March 23, 2009
2 3
Hot sauce is a very common term in the table game craps.
Players use this term when a shooter gets hot, normally after hitting 3 or more points.
Come on shooter, keep it coming with that hot sauce!

That guy on the end has got the hot sauce tonight, lets go shooooooota!
by j pags March 24, 2009
1 8