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A word shouted in disbelief responding to a statement which can not possibly be false or which has already been agreed upon. Often used in "Invader Zim", an animated television show.
A: I specifically remember taking it with me when I got out of the car...
B: It's not in the car.
by J Dogg October 15, 2003
An adverb used in any statement which is almost certainly false.
A: Where the hell is Tom?
B: He probably ran down the train track and died of amnesia.
by J Dogg October 15, 2003
Eskimo wedding is when a man attends the wedding of a woman he has fucked before.
I fucked this super hot chick in college and now she is getting married. This is going to be an awesome Eskimo wedding. I hope my Eskimo brother doesn't get mad that I banged his wife before.
by J DogG August 31, 2012
jermaine dupris way of saying "i wanna be just like snoop dogg and make my own gay ass language"
yo! i'll be up in the club 1 tweezy!! meet me there, fosheezy my neezy!!
by j dogg August 04, 2003
Someone who gives themselves a 'Dutch Oven' repeatedly until reaching climax.
Bob was forever banned from the dating website after naming his profile “Feeming-Fendel ISO Fecal Freak”.
by J Dogg July 26, 2004
When the whitey man take away all mo jaun's.
Whitey from round da corner tappin in to mo bank account statement shiiieeettt.
by J DOGG November 14, 2003
To have forcible anal sex with another man while holding him down. (like in the movie Deliverance)
Ike and Billybob gave the Yankee a good queering for trespassing on their property.
by J Dogg June 27, 2003

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