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A New World Order puppet from one of the two party system. The political system is not a Democracy because they don't allow third party candidates to debate. By the way Obama wasn't the only black person running in the 2008 election. Obama is basically GW Bush who went to the tanning salon.

1. No withdrawel plan from Iraq.

2. Advocate of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)The butchers of Kosovo/Serbia during the late 1990's

3. Advocate of AIPAC which is a Zionist extremist orginization.

4. Hasn't talked about ending the 40+ year embargo on Cuba.

5. More troops in Afganistan.

6. No universal health care plan

7. Police style soviet state 2.0

8. Net neutrality

9. The economy sucks

10. Where's the hope and change?

Obama supporter: "I'm so happy that we have a new president that will change things around and make this country a better place and admired around the world."

Green party supporter: Why are you so excited? He's just another third term of GW Bush!

Obama supporter: "You just can't stand the fact that a black person is president!"

Green Party supporter: "Oh really? I voted for Cynthia Mckinney."

Obama supporter: who???????
by ispeaklatin January 26, 2009
A place where students actually pay for their education unlike University Students who's parents spend $45,000 a year so they can major in basket weaving. Community colleges are for people who are really career orientated unlike University students who can party all night every week, not study, and pay the professors off to give them a C average. Even though community colleges might lack some social atmosphere, some have plenty of clubs for students interests who can join to meet new people and develop friendships which an alternative to the traditional University fraternity/sorority where people become warped and mind controlled by a sick diabolical satanic frat leaders with no empathy for humanity and who have been groomed to be elitists. 1.5 million students attend community college around the country. Their are many career choices at CC to choose from and you spend a lot less money. Some CC's are even better than some Universities in terms of class size, cost, educational environment, and professors. CC's tend to be even more culturally diverse than Universities because certain Universities only accept rich white kids (waspy) because their families have certain connections and descend from medieval royalty.
"He graduated from community college with an associate degree in Landscaping & Horticulture. He started his own landscaping business and is living well off."

"He graduated from a prestigious University with a engineering degree but can't find a job because all the engineering jobs have been outsourced to China and India. Now he's washing dishes at TGI Friday's trying to make ends meet. The economy sucks."
by IspeakLatin August 10, 2009
A social network where the word stalking should be really analyzed and thought out before actually coming up with a definition for facebook stalking. How is it any different when one person constantly monitors another person's every move on facebook reading the person's blogs, photos, posts, newsfeed etc... When one hundred other people (facebook friends) have access to the same exact information the person puts out? Alot of times when people become facebook friends they are not actually friends. They are just giving each other permission to read each other's profile. Facebook is also highschool bullshit. Alot of people caught in it are even people who graduated highschool ten years ago. And then there's all these fringe artists, musicians, comedians wanting people to join their self loathing fan club. Then there's those facebook people who feel the need to have the most facebook friends. Sometimes when people send friend requests it's only because the person knows a certain amount or group of people that they know.
"What's so great about Facebook"?

"It doesn't take forever to load like Myspace and it's not limited to just college students anymore"

"He and she would like you to join please stop Facebook from becoming a paysite"

"I appreciate the invite but I hardly ever log on to Facebook. Basically I don't give a shit."
by ispeaklatin December 07, 2009

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