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playing traunt, skipping school, missing lessons, can also apply to religious lessons
adam: i didnt see you in maths man?!
z: screw maths, i was bunking man, i went down my mates yard to watch the exorcist!
adam: cool!
(the next day)
teacher: z, why did you bunk maths yesterday?
z: coz i felt like it, what the hell are you gonna do?
teacher: ummm.....
by ismail February 10, 2005
From the species Chavster Twockeri.
Wears a baseball cap (burberry usually), Banded Shirts and Jackets (nickleson or mckenzie), white trainers (reebok classics), Gold Pendants, chains and rings.
Go around town p1ssing about, sometimes stealing, hard to tell if its male or female.
some twocker slag stole my 7610
by Ismail January 03, 2005

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