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A friendly term for chav - see also ned, townie.
"who is that tw*t with the gold and rings? Oh he's alright, its Dave the Chavster"
by Demens Quirito November 08, 2004
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The ulimate cruising beast 1 litre of pure power and fun
whoa thats the Chavster!!
by Stutley October 18, 2004
A total faggot who isn't sure whether he's a gangster or a chav, therefore he listens to both types of music (Rap & MCing) when necessry in order to fit in with the pack. Also could be a term for loner, who would do anything to fit in and make friends.
"Hey, look at that loser, he thinks he's so cool listening to that chav crap."
"I'm sure he was listening to fiddy yesterday in the ghetto."
"What a chavster!"
by Nerd. December 04, 2007

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