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kudoz = credit, respect etc.

That's basically it.
The term has it origins from Project Gotham Racing: "kudos". But that wasn't cool enough, so using it on the internet, you wanna be using "kudoz" with a Z.
Nerd friend #1: "Just graduated. Only with A+'s of course."
Nerd friend #2: "Hiii-five.. Kudoz yo way, homie!"

Yes, Nerd friend #2 adores street-terms.
by Irvall October 19, 2010
When a certain group/person cannot be affected by trolling.

The opposite word of "trollable" when trolling-actions leads to a reaction.

Troll: *posting offensive comment*

Members: -no reaction at all-

The members are therefore con-trollable.
by Irvall January 28, 2011
or "yeardropping"

An action under the same category as namedropping - used to describe the case where a person uses any rare occasion to mention a specific year with the purpose of sounding a bit superior.

Generally used by douchebags or academic hipsters.
Bill: "Oh, remember to backup the computer before doing anything, right?"

Steve: "Don't mind that, I got TimeMachine - automatic backup since 1997"

Bill - (darn, I hate when he's yeardropping my ass)
by irvall December 05, 2011
(Force-)Quiting a game due to scary happenings in it. Mostly experienced in games such as Penumbra or Amnesia.
Mike: "Finally made it to 2nd floor in Penumbra"
Tim: "How come? Was it that hard?"
Mike: "Not really, but I was scarequiting every 10th minute"
by Irvall April 20, 2011
Basically, it just means = Piece of Cake

Can be used as a description about an easy task, or action;
If something is just easy as a sweet piece of cake.
Lenny: You saw Danny Way make that sick trick on that mega-ramp?

Carl: Nah man, not that cool. PoC.
by Irvall June 08, 2009

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