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Another name for Spanish
- I know those spics are saying something about me in Spiclish.

- I got an F on my Spiclish test.
by Ironsides November 22, 2006
An acronym used to remember the right of way rules in aviation. It starts from the least manuverable aircraft to the most. They are Balloon, Glider, Airship, Airplane, and Rotocraft.
I used BGAAR to help remember FAA Regs.
by Ironsides February 22, 2007
The proper name given to a Ford Mustang.
-My V6 Camaro whooped that Rustang Cobra
-At best Rustangs are driven by girls that don't have someone to tell them to drive a Camaro
by Ironsides November 26, 2006
A movie popular among those of an IQ no higher than 75.
- That dumb bitch keeps talkin' about The Notebook.

- After I'm done watching The Notebook, I'm going to go watch American Idol.
by Ironsides November 22, 2006
-Abbreviation for Fuck My Ford

A sticker the same size as a Ford emblem. Most people driving Fords that know best put these on their Ford emblems to let everyone know that they are aware that they made a mistake.
-What does FMF over a Ford emblem mean?
-That means that Ford owner realizes he made a mistake by purchasing a Ford.
by Ironsides November 26, 2006
Most likely one of the best vehicles Chevrolet has ever made. A true American sports car whose only opposition is the Corvette, but since it too is a Chevy, the outcome would be a win win situation. Contrary to some opinion, the first and fourth generation Camaros are by far the best models.
Any red blooed American would get a Camaro for their first car.

by Ironsides November 24, 2006

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