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6 definitions by Ironmaus

Any time a crowd of people rush to grab from a pile of free food.
The office manager sent an e-mail that there were free pizzas in the break room, and it only took a minute before there was a goddamn mealstorm.
by Ironmaus May 05, 2011
When two people rub or press noses together. It is usually an innocent expression of affection, often shared between family.

The act is sometimes called an eskimo kiss in Western countries because of an early stereotype about Arctic natives. It is similar in performance to the "kunik" of some Inuit cultures and the Maori hongi.
"Last night was awesome, bro. Third base! Next date, I'm in."

"Bullshit. I saw her give you a bunny kiss on the porch. You're in the friend zone."
by Ironmaus January 02, 2012
A notluck is a gathering where food will be eaten, but unlike a potluck, the food you bring is just for yourself (meaning you can opt not to bring food if you're not hungry).
"We had a potluck for the last movie night and Shannon was the only one who brought food. So this time, it's a notluck: you're all on your own for dinner. And it's still BYOB, you drunks; the company is not springing for your beer."
by Ironmaus December 13, 2011
E-mail shorthand for being out of the office. Originated inside Microsoft and stood for "out of facility."
"I'll be OOF Monday through Wednesday. Elaine will handle the Tuesday conference call. Take any emergencies to Tim."
by Ironmaus November 28, 2011
Performing a job that isn't yours, or undertaking a task you hadn't planned, just because the mood strikes you.
She made me promise to feed the rabbit while she was away, but building the three-floor bunny castle was a whimjob.
by Ironmaus December 24, 2010
In Texas Hold 'Em poker, the player who posted the large blind at the beginning of the hand is the last person given a chance to bet before the flop. If all the other players call the blind without raising the bet, the player with the big blind can then raise, causing the betting to circle the table again. This is a good way to make money but a bad way to make friends.
"Well, are you going to check so we can see the flop or jerk raise?"
by Ironmaus May 23, 2008