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When a woman has her breasts surgically augmented and proceeds to display them in low cut tops, tight tops and without a bra as much as possible for every occasion.
Sue: "Oh no, do you see how low cut that top is? She is leaving nothing to the imagination!"
Jane: "Oh girl! She's got her party boobs out!"
by IreneIsNotMyName October 31, 2014
When someone who swears he isn't gay, but looks pretty gay goes and has a makeover making them look gayer.
Mary: "Sean has new highlights and some new Nautica pants and a new shirt. I think he had a makeover this weekend."

Irene: "A gaykover is more like it."
by IreneIsNotMyName April 14, 2008
Referring to the male genitalia as a Ken doll's smooth bump.
Malina: "Whaaaaat? Is he wearing a speedo?"

Irene: "Yep. He's showing off his Ken Bump in all it's glory."
by IreneIsNotMyName September 15, 2010
A work lunch break in which you travel far outside the acceptable distance for lunch.
Irene: Where are we going for lunch today?

Malina: Frankie's Deli

Irene: That will take us at least 30 minutes to get there!

Malina: It's Friday.

Irene: Yeah, it's a fooddoggle day.
by IreneIsNotMyName April 09, 2010
When something inherently masculine is made to be more feminine.
Ricardo: "Ooooh, that new Camero looks awesome!"

Irene: "Yeah, except they vagged it up with that purple color."
by IreneIsNotMyName September 21, 2010
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