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1. A girl with a beautiful smile and eyes that could light up the world. She's normally average height and just the right size to keep you holding on. Malina's are usually very sweet caring people, though they can go crunk when offended.

2. A very sexy girl with a wild side. She keeps you always hanging on, always wanting more. She is a seductress of sorts, without even trying to be. She normally has a very pretty face and a body to die for.

3. She is the definition of love. If you find this girl, you must hold on to her at all costs.
"That girl is so amazing, I wonder if her names Malina?"

"Why are you so excited? Are you thinking about Malina?"

"I Malina you :)"
by jewfro_the_mastermind February 08, 2010
meaning raspberry in other languages; a very hot occasional porn star. uncommon to people outside of europe.
can also be a girl's name.
as fruit:
damn i wish i had more malinas in my pie

as other:
malina is my favorite star, i'd hire her every weekend

Helllllo My name is Malina.
by Courtlandy February 23, 2008
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