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The best band ever if you are in high school and have never heard good music.
A: Remember how you used to like Jimmy Eat World?
B: Yuck.
A: Whatever happened to them?
B: I don't know but Reel Big Fish stole their shtick.
#music #bland #reel big fish #high school #mistakes
by Internetted October 04, 2009
A fat chick who thinks shes trendy and deep because she listens to My Chemical Romance and cuts herself. Cries about being fat while eating. Wears skinny jeans which make said fat more apparent. Writes banal poetry and short stories about ravens and blood and tears. Thinks that she's different when she joins a group of people who are exactly like her. Has a Myspace page thats all black and has a border of red butterflies or Invader Zim. Is usually upper middle class with no real reason to be sad and/or stupid.
A: Hey I heard that Emo Chick wants to be like Edgar Allan Poe!

B: Dead in a gutter?
A: I hope so!
#emo #goth #my chemical romance #myspace #cutting #crying #blood
by Internetted October 04, 2009
The act of someone else having better internet than you, otherwise known as being hosted
Scump: F****** internetted again
#scump #cod #host #lag #anger
by internetted August 21, 2014
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