13 definitions by Insomniac

Extreme response to stimulus, be it bad
TV, bad kareoke, or really good chocolate, hitting the gas in a good hot-rod.
A long, torturous 'speech' from Bush Jr.
A Clapton Solo. A tight bend on a good
Ducati. Same response, but for good or bad reasons.
by Insomniac May 27, 2004
Who-Are-You-and-Why-Are-You-On-My-Screen? Exclamaition, vocalised with a
rich accent of incredulity... at the sight of yet another scraping of the bottom of the banality barrel on TV.
...And now, Celebrity Dog-Worming Makeovers, hosted by Linda Barking...
Viewers' response: Nooo! Way-a-way-omz!
by Insomniac May 27, 2004
What you say when someone calls you a scrub
notquitecsguy1: wow scrub
Insomniac: scrubs are for sinks
CitizenFish: same
by Insomniac March 08, 2005
One who has short furry protrusions of the scalp, was once in a more wiggly state.

Often confused with waddle-ing this however is not exactly the same.

Is inclined to repeatedly use the words; "he thinks he's a boon!" or occasionally "pwned!"

One with a great skill in defying gravity, capable of falling UP a flight of stairs.
One scientist to another:
What is that indescribable fluff?
It appears to be some form of hair!
Unbeleivable! it must be a new spieces!! Look at it defy gravity in such a graceless manner!
by Insomniac January 13, 2005
What you say to someone when they are very bad at something.
*CitizenFish headshot tehleet*
Insomniac: get well soon
CitizenFish: same
by Insomniac March 08, 2005
see also Mr Bill Gates
Its not fair :( why does he get all the money?
by Insomniac January 13, 2005

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