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When someone hasn't got laid in a while, their vision is said to become "Poonaramic". A typical symptom of poonaramic vision is when everything they see reminds them of their lack of action.
Dude 1 - "Look at Michael, hes fully gone insane, going for everything and anything"
Dude 2 - "I know man, his lack of action has resulted in Poonaramic Vision"
#poon #vagina #laid #action #horny
by Impercinator February 15, 2010
Its a vagina that is very well disguised and can only be revealed by its clam or fish like smell.
Male 1 - "At first instance I couldnt see a vagina but then i realised what the case was. When i sniffed and hummed up that clammy aroma i knew that she infact had a Clamouflange, and a well hidden one at that
#vagina #camouflage #smell #clams #hidden
by Impercinator February 15, 2010
A type of sonar that alerts the user when something very very sound is about to happen
Dude 1 - "Hey man, my Soundar is going off like mad! Something good is about to happen"
Dude 2 - "You're right, ive just found an ounce of weed in the bush"
Dude 1 - "Sound."
#sound #radar #soundar #awesome #alert #sonar
by Impercinator February 15, 2010
A bag of weed that is so potent that not even the Devil himself would be able to smoke it without pulling a whitey.
Stoner 1 - "Take a drag of that man"
Devil - "Fuck me mate, thats some Hell Merch.... Im going to the toilet..."
#merch #weed #bags #potent #hell
by Impercinator February 15, 2010
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