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Evita is a musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It is about Evita Peron, the first lady of the former president of Argentina. It's a great musical with awesome songs like "Buenos Aires" and "Oh What A Circus".
Evita: High flying adored, I've been called names, but that's the strangest. My story's quite usual "LOCAL GIRL MAKES GOOD WITH FAMOUS MAN". I was slapped in the right place, at the perfect time. Filled a gap, I was lucky...but one thing I'll say for me....no one else can fill it like I can.
by Ilana February 04, 2006
Also known as "drunk ladyjeans" this word refers to the infamous pair of sparkly women's jeans worn by Rent star Adam Pascal repeatedly. "Ladyjeans" is reportedly graffitied on the wall of the Nederlander Theatre. Many Rentheads would appreciate seeing these jeans end up on eBay.
Adam Pascal was totally wasted when he wore those ladyjeans to the Sh-K-Boom party.
by Ilana April 08, 2007
title of show] is an Off-Broadway musical staring Jeff Bowen, Heidi Blickenstaff, Hunter Bell and Susan Blackwell. The musical is about the creators- all theatre junkies- trying to write a musical that becomes title of show]. The result is a blend of playful piano, lots of harmonizing and hilarious inside jokes to the theatre world. It has songs such as Untitled Opening Number, Two Nobodies in New York, Part of It All and Nine People's Favourite Thing.
I'm a tosser. I love title of show!
by Ilana May 26, 2007
The first female prime minister of India. She was the daughter of the affaimed Jawaharl Nehru, also an important political figure. Indira had a long career, and though she was a genius of a politician with shrewd insight, Indira was also power hungry and very good at snatching power. She was assasinated on October 31, 1984.
Several years before she was assasinated, Indira Ghandi was charged with electoral fraud. She called in a state of emergency to the country and threw all of her opponents in jail. Events like these showcase her brilliance and her hunger for pwoer, with whatever means she can get it with.
by Ilana January 21, 2006
A person who is obsessed with hunting down "posers" in an attempt to make themselves look cool and "real." Finding these people on the internet is unavoidable. Sometimes they will actually give up liking something just to not let other people mistake themselves for a poser! Of course, then they miss out. Cutting of the nose to spite the face, eh? (Yes, I AM Canadian.)
Posee: I love <insert topic here> so much! But it's getting annoying that real fans like me HAVE to put up with those annoying posers who are always like "I love that too!" but they are not really fans like me. I smashed my <insert topic memorabilia here> and stopped being a fan because posers annoyed me so much.
by Ilana May 02, 2006
Antonique Smith is an actress/singer who currently is playing the role of Mimi in Rent on Broadway. She has a beautiful voice and she perfectly suits the part of Mimi.
Antonique Smith's Another Day is one of the best ever!
by Ilana April 14, 2007
NYTW is an East Village theatre in New York that produces new plays/musicals. It can help get aspiring playwriters on their feet and get young actors noticed. It's claim to fame is that in 1994, NYTW launched Rent, the hit rock opera that moved to Broadway in '96.
New York Theatre Workshop has opened up opputunities for many young artists.
by Ilana February 20, 2007
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