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Patron saint of corduroy and Frock Coats. Hobbies included scaring the crap out of students and making Stephen Fry say 'Fuck' loudly.
You're about as twisted as that Derren Brown Forum!
by Igloomode October 29, 2004
Yorkshire slang for 'hello'
Me; Hyup mate! Fancy going an'shooting some scallies?
by Igloomode October 29, 2004
a term made popular by mag J-17;
'the more toxic the boy the deeper the crush you'll get on him' 'play mind games they don't want you to know about to make you smitten'.

Toxic boy's common guises are that of cool indie/art boys (with archy eyebrows).
Me - Look at that cute indie boy with the ipod!

Friend - No wait, he's wearing cord, he must be toxic.
by Igloomode November 03, 2004
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