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The sexiest pokemon alive. This motherfucker will blow itself up in your face, attacking your weak point and causing MASSIVE DAMAGE. Trust me. It'll most likely OHKO you if you're not a rock or ghost type. I love Electrode because he resembles a male's testicle.
Electrode!!! *Uses explosion, selfdestruct, and recover simeltaneously.*
by Iconoklastic~ February 15, 2010
Basically it means to fuck off. Use this phrase as a euphemism when you don't want to be obscene in telling someone that their presence is not desirable.
When the boss of Taco Bell went to his workers and asked them to take a pay cut, they all told him to go forth and multiply.
by Iconoklastic~ March 22, 2010
When, quite literally, a person is pissed off so bad that they cannot mentally, emotionally, or physically (teehee @ pun) take it anymore.
K': You're such a fuck up. I think you fail at life. You're the biggest loser I've ever met. Your IQ is the equivalent to an apple.

by Iconoklastic~ February 24, 2010
The type of love you give when you're from the street. Doesn't have to be all formal and proper; the kind of love you show when you can be relaxed around that special someone.
We come from two different worlds, girl I know. But just because I'm hood don't mean I'm tryna get with other girls... I want to give her all of my street love~!
by Iconoklastic~ February 03, 2010
To slap someone so hard that they fly into the next week. One might ask how this is possible and it is simple. You would have to smack someone so hard that their entire body would accelerate past the speed of light. Consequently, they would be traveling in time, assumably into the future. As a result, they would be slapped into next week!
Coco: >>;; I hate black people.
K': I'll slap you into next week if you don't stfu.
by Iconoklastic~ April 04, 2010
Almost everyday because we have a surplus of pathetic porkers in our society. We are forced to ALWAYS be aware of fat fucks since they are always in the way, taking up everyone elses' space, and making easy things (like walking through a crowd of people) difficult for everybody.
Fat People Awareness Day is everyday because there are so many filthy, pigshit, overweight assholes running around.
by Iconoklastic~ March 24, 2010
A pussy that gets passed around like a 2 dollar blunt. It requires a team effort to make this pussy happy.
K': You have a team effort pussy, Coco.
Coco: >_> ROFL!!!!
by Iconoklastic~ February 24, 2010

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