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A young girl that is forced to wear jean skirts, long hair, and usual Pentecostal attire, which in doing so will attract certain pedophiles or their older siblings.
Hey Paul! Did you hear about the new girl in church? Yeah man but I steered clear away once I saw her, she was total Duggar Bait. Besides, I hear that Josh kid is already making moves on her... lucky bastard.
by ianthegreat June 07, 2015
When you're stuck on or addicted to pleasuring yourself by stimulating your cock or clit and giving yourself a “selfie"
I heard that Kelvin is so selfie sticked that he can't keep his hands off his dick... even in public. His girl is the same way, heard she flicks her bean while waiting in the drive through.
by ianthegreat June 07, 2015
To be convinced that something that is to your benefit is actually harming you. This is similar to when Tom Sawyer convinces the neighborhood kids that his chore of whitewashing a fence is actually the most fun thing ever, to the point of getting items for letting them do his dirty work for him.
Me: I got played by this guy pretending to be a hot chick, but I convinced him that I was leading him along the whole time instead.
Friend: You totally Tom Sawyered that dumbass!
by IanTheGreat September 28, 2008

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