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A salutation of recognition from the UK, often shouted, sometimes in an ironic manner.
by Ian Chode September 14, 2003
Mythical computer system, specified when the exact hardware requirements are not known. Sounds like something that IBM might produce.
It'll run OK on a Cock Master 5000 series.
by Ian Chode April 20, 2003
A fat person.
She is a right jelly belly.
by Ian Chode April 03, 2003
A term used to mean something that should not take place, often used in an over-the-top fashion.
That is just sick and wrong!
by Ian Chode April 02, 2003
The bodily orifice that something shoved up the ass goes into.
Note the slightly forced pronunciation here to get the rhyme.
Fabs took it up the anal canal like a man.
by Ian Chode February 24, 2004
A homosexual who is loud and proud with relation to his sexual orientation and actions. He proclaims his gayness to all who will listen.
BAF: "Hi, I'm gay, and my name's Dave. Oooh"
ME: You, sir, are a born-again faggot.
BAF: "Oooh, scratch your eyes out!"
by Ian Chode October 23, 2003
A rear admiral, cackpipe cosmonaut, one who bats for the other side whilst bowling from the pavilion end.
He is a raider of the lost arse!
by Ian Chode April 02, 2003

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