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A devastatingly Handsome creature but upon further study many other distinguishing characteristics pop out. Elans tend to be very competitive and are known to sling mud if it is losing. Elans tend to be hilarious causing all around him to laugh. Elans can be cocky but over all they are very loving and a good friend to have on your side. Elans like to use words like rim job or gayper. If you combine an Elan with a Fuger, Rasor, or an RT the level of hilarity can be dangerous! If you would like to trap an Elan the best bait to use is an Xbox 360, beer or a big tittied woman (with or with out the butta face.)If you capture an Elan prepare yourself for a sleazy good time but what ever you do don't lend its broke ass any money :)
This party is lame you know what it needs? It needs an Elan.
by IamSummer February 06, 2008
When someone suffers from a severely inappropriate attraction to clowns.
He suffers from clownophilia, lets just say when the circus comes to town the Big Top is not the only tent being pitched.
by IamSummer March 11, 2008
Someone who is sexually attracted to clowns.
Bozo the clown has always gotten me hot I am such a Clownophile!!
by IamSummer March 11, 2008
A crazy Navajo who likes to deep fry things.
Oh great all of my twinkies are gone Fuger must have been here.
by IamSummer February 05, 2008
1. Noun: a crazy clan of little boys that run wild in the south east metro area. Also known as the Morgenegg boys. They tend be cute little boogers that will win you over with their cute baby faces and boyish charms. Do not fall victim to these innocent looking angel faces!! Once you are under there spell they will take all of your candy and rob you of any free will to say no.

2. Noun: A slightly off centered woman who has an unreasonable crush on David Bowie. Also Known as Becca or B Dawg. She is one of the creators of the Morgenegg boys so she has a lot of there same characteristics except you can say no to her but if you try she will rip your arm off and beat you with it. Only a few things Anger this Morgenegg; a)harming one of the afore mentioned Morgenegg boys b)hitting on her redneck counter part c)bad mouthing republicans and d)grounding poo into the carpet. When you upset this Morgenegg offer her gifts and flattery!! Make sure you do not make eye contact. She is a good friend to have on your side when you are going to a rumble and she is handy with a knife.

3. Noun: Red neck counter part of female Morgenegg and co creator of the Morgenegg boys. He is mechanically inclined and very competitive. He is usually very caring and always willing to help but has a very low tolerance for all things dumb that includes but is not limited to small furry house pets and super annoying clingy loud over inquisitive acquaintances that wish they were his bff.

1. Where did all my gum go!!! Oh yeah the Morgenegg boys were over here I must have given it all to them.

2. I was shopping with Morgenegg the other day and these thugs tried to start crap with us so she whipped out her shank and cut the big one. I don't think they will mess with us again.

3. I was at a soft ball game and I saw Morgenegg attack a blonde lady because he did not want to lose the game.

4. DD better be careful or i am going to go Morgenegg on her!!!
by IamSummer March 12, 2008
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