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when someone says something completely absurd but insists its the truth.
A: Hey, heard you got your KS?
B: I got them from doing LK yesterday man.
A: It was maintenance, man. Link me your ach.
B: *Searches* Could've sworn I did it.
A: uhighbro?
by IR1337BRO November 23, 2010
gay, homosexual male, unlikeable person, a failure
Raid Leader: Those being tombed will move to the usual spots for p2 and p3, clear?
All: kgo
Raid Leader: All right, buff up and we g2g.

Noob rushes infront and triggers Sindy HM.

Raid Leader: The fuck's wrong with you?
Noob: Not my fault, they said kgo.
Raid Leader: GTFO you Wess

Kicks Noob
by IR1337BRO November 23, 2010
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